Bunny snackie - Minty green


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Bunny snackie - Minty green
Bunny snackie - Minty green
Bunny snackie - Minty green
Bunny snackie - Minty green
Bunny snackie - Minty green

Today’s busy lives demand a whole new level of versatility from snack products.

Luckily our Bunny Snackie can handle any situation you throw at it! Pop it in the freezer, use it to whip up quick microwave snacks and even bake some cute bunny delights with iconic swiss-cross eyes.

The food-grade silicone Snackie turns grazing on the go into a toddler feast. Every Snackie consists of a bowl and plate secured by a flexible silicone strap to hold them together. Fill your Snackie with healthy home-made treats and get around those sugary impulse buys when toddler tantrums come knocking. With its small soft-touch design, our Bunny Snackie will turn into little one’s favourite especially for those spontaneous backyard picnics at home. Snack time can be fun while helping your toddler learn those important independent meal time habits.

And best of all, you can simply let your dishwasher deal with the mess when your adventures come to an end.

Find out why our minty green Bunny Snackie is the perfect meal time companion for your munchkin.

Bunny snackie - Minty green
Bunny snackie - Minty green
Bunny snackie - Minty green
Bunny snackie - Minty green
Bunny snackie - Minty green

Junior Design Awards – 2018 GOLD WINNER

We WON GOLD in the category of Best children's eco tableware for OUR RANGE OF SNACKIES
read more about the awards

Why silicone?


Silicone is the miracle component that makes We Might Be Tiny products the versatile and durable wonders they are.

No other material is food-safe and BPA-free while feeling at home in freezing temperatures and soaring heat.

And the best part is that you are directly contributing to saving the planet by using products made from natural materials while reducing waste.

Three cheers to you!

freezer safe


dishwasher safe

up to 446°F

microwave safe

up to 446°F

oven safe

up to 446°F

Customer reviews

Beautiful, practical snackbox

I fell in love with this snack box the moment I visited the website! Not only it is beautiful, one of a kind, it is practical (dishwasher, fridge and microwave friendly) and just the right size for a busy mom of a toddler who has a million things in her bag. My daughter loves it to bits.

Ellen S.

Love it so much

I have been looking for solution repLacing single plastic use in the kitchen!! This is perfect!! Not to mention the super cute design . My daughter LOvES it

Cathy K.

What a versatile piece!

What a well though out product. A plate, bowl and container all in one. Washes and wears perfectly. Our daughter loves how her porridge becomes the shape of a cat!


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