We Might Be Tiny Drawstring Bag - Christmas Edition


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We Might Be Tiny Drawstring Bag - The mobile home for all your We Might Be Tiny products (or your kid’s favourite treasures)

The easiest and most convenient way to take your favourite baby feeding set with you to your local cafe, grandma’s house or on holidays.

Know that feeling when all you want to do is JUST head out the door, start the car and get going?

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way…

  • To pack your munchkin’s spare clothes for daycare
  • For your munchkin to cart all their favourite things from A to B
  • A neat and tidy solution to house your We Might Be Tiny products when out and about

This Drawstring Bag is the answer.

What it says no to?

Fiddly buckles, complex straps or overwhelming pockets.

What it convinces with?

The perfect size for young and old, a toddler-friendly drawstring and our super-cute signature We Might Be Tiny characters.