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We Might Be Tiny named best in kids mealtime at national awards

Stickie Plates Awarded Gold in the Non-Toxic Awards

We Might Be Tiny announced today that it has been awarded Gold in the Kids Mealtime category at the 2020 Australian Non-Toxic Awards (ANTA).

The ANTA celebrate products that work in perfect harmony with our bodies, our environment, and our society. Products from around the nation are reviewed, tested and scored by an expert panel of judges from various industries including education, journalism, television, naturopathy and research.

This year, the judges reviewed products from 11 major categories including skincare, makeup, fitness, food and drink, zero waste, kids and baby.

We Might Be Tiny is proud to accept awards for three products of their range, including two Editor's Choice awards:

Founder & Designer, Eleanor Cullen says "we are so delighted to be recognised in this year's Australian Non-Toxic Awards. The safety and environmental impact of our products is so important, so having our products critiqued and judged by these leading experts is a huge tick of approval for us.

"We are always striving for improvements in the way that we design, produce and distribute our products around the world. From ensuring that our products are manufactured fairly using ethically-sourced ingredients and materials, to supporting our local and global communities. 

Stickie Plates win Gold in Kids Mealtime

What the experts say:

I love the cute little designs and I think it’s clever to incorporate these designs to engage kids into eating by making eating fun. I like that the product is BPA free and can fit a variety of foods onto it. I love the bright colours again making it fun for the kids. Dishwasher friendly is a plus. I would buy this product in future.

— Samantha Gilmore

I love the ‘We Might Be Tiny Stick Plate’ design – the colours are muted and not overbearing. The segmented plate is perfect for a varied, larger meal. The suction plate is strong, and perfect for a young toddler or baby-led weaned infant.

— Shannon Renee Rafaelli

The design is just adorable. I love the colour. The thickness and feel of the silicone and being oversized sucker works brilliantly. My kids also really enjoy meals served compartmentalised like that, so we love it.

— Alena Turley

Made of extremely high quality and sturdy silicone, this plate has a weight to it that I haven’t struck in other silicone children’s plates. This means that is less likely to be knocked off the table – combined with a suction pad underneath, I’m assured dinner isn’t going to be swept away before it is started – Phew! Delightfully cute and visually appealing, it provides three distinct compartments for picky eaters which makes it a win for my 2-year-old son.

— Emily Fletcher

I love the cute yet simple design of this silicone plate. Both my kids (2 and 4) love eating from “the bear”! The three areas are perfectly sized for main meal-sized portions and it really does stick to the table. It’s also really easy to wash.

— Emma Freeman


Frostie Icy Pole Moulds win Bronze & Editor's Choice in Kids Mealtime

Frosties win Bronze and Editor's Choice at 2020 ANTA

What the experts say:

My daughter was super excited for the frostie moulds. We had to make ice blocks straight away! I love the cute and simple designs, dishwasher safe and BPA free. I LOVE that the sticks are reusable and that there are spares. We always need spares! I love that the lid is easy to put on and stops any spillage. These are the BEST!

— Samantha Gilmore

The We Might Be Tiny Frostie Icy Pole Moulds have a minimal and attractive design. My daughter loved selecting which animal ice cream to eat, perfect for when she was unwell and needed extra nutrients. The entire tray is relatively thin and doesn’t take much space in our smaller freezer.

— Shannon Renee Rafaelli

Colour, design, usability and appeal to our young kids were all excellent for this product. These are things we can use, love to use, and will continue to reduce our need to consume and that’s a great thing.

— Alena Turley

So thoughtfully designed, this is by far the easiest to use and best quality icy pole mould I have ever come across — and with children with food allergies, homemade icy poles are a regular in our house! I love that it can be kept flat which means you don’t have to have too much room in the freezer. The lid also seals well so it’s not messy to make and the moulds themselves are so cute! Highly recommended.

— Emily Fletcher

These are such a delight: a cute and ergonomic design. The kids love making them: the moulds are easy to pour juice, puree or yoghurt into while the sticks are easy to insert. We love the colour of the silicone too (buttercup yellow). Best of all, we love the super cute designs of the pops: cat, bunny and bear.

— Emma Freeman

Bendie Straws win Bronze & Editor's Choice in Reusable Straws

Bendie Straws win Bronze & Editor's Choice at ANTA 2020

What the experts say:

With a bend in the design, these cleverly designed straws are easier for kids to drink from when seated and they also have an angled tip for making sure you can drink the last bit at the bottom of your cup! My kids drink more when they use them, they are easy to clean and they handle thick smoothies without effort. My favourite thing though is that finally, I have found a reusable straw that I don’t freak out about when my toddler goes running away holding them (Stainless steel straws and running kids are a disaster waiting to happen!)

— Emily Fletcher

I loved the different colour options, and the textured pattern on the straw made them easy to grip. Although they are described as bendy they are very sturdy – but bend when you need to clean them. They are a great size – wide enough for fruit not to get stuck and easy to clean. The provided brush also fits the straw well and does a good job of cleaning.

— Lindsay Miles

I love that it’s safe for kids to use! These straws are bright in colour and great in design – the bendy design is perfect for children who can easily tip over cups with a straight straw.

— Laura Trotta

I love the colours and the texture of the product, perfect for kids. Super fun!

— Laura Wells

These were instantly a hit with my kids who were begging to use them as soon as they saw the packet. They now won’t drink juice or water without them – at home or out! The fact that they’re bendy makes it easy for my nearly-2-year-old to drink with a straw without knocking the glass over. he also loves using it as a teether. They’re also easy to throw into the bag to take to cafes. Brilliant family-friendly product.

— Emma Freeman

Read more about the Australian Non-Toxic Awards for 2020.



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